Strict Boss

The Boss and His Secretary Are a Team - Or Are They? The boss likes to think that his secretary is the ambassador for the firm. If she makes a mistake, she knows she will be punished, that means she will have a very sore bottom. She can't complain about this, as she signed a form agreeing to receive corporal punishment as and when the need arises. Why and when would she need to be punished? Her boss insists that all letters, and other documents should be neatly typed and contain no typing / spelling mistakes. No dirty fingers marks or coffee stains on them. Or if she turns up for work wearing inappropriate clothing, or if she is rude to a client, she will be dealt with accordingly. Therefore, when his secretary hands him a letter for signing, he is disgusted with the state it is in. It's crumpled, with sticky finger marks all over it and on top of that it's full of mistakes. So how does he deal with it? He tells her to prepare herself for punishment, it's happened before; she knows the routine.

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He sits in an armchair, while she slowly undresses. When she is just wearing her panties, she hesitates. At his nod, she walks slowly towards him, then drapes herself over his knee. He gives her six hard spanks on top of her panties. Then hooking his fingers into the waistband he drags them down to her knees. He continues to spank her on her bare bottom. He is very thorough and by the time he has finished, her whole bottom is bright red. She then has to retype the letter standing up. He opens the office door so anybody passing will be able to see what happens to naughty secretaries. He believes being embarrassed is part and parcel of the punishment. After she has retyped the letter to his satisfaction, he orders her to bend over her desk. He removes his belt from its loops and gives her twelve strokes with it. Then throwing the belt aside, he closes the office door. He opens his zip and pulls his rampant cock out of his trousers and rams it hard into her.

How long will it be before she's in trouble again?

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